Baby Naming for a Girl or a Boy

Starting a relationship with a family often starts when they ask me to officiate at their wedding.

It is then my joy to get the email that a new baby is on the way.  I share the family’s joy as they look forward to welcoming their new baby boy or girl.  Sometimes a grandparent gets in touch with me because they are hosting the celebration.

For those who have a baby boy and do a circumcision (b’rit milah) in the hospital, we plan a baby naming ceremony for another time.

For a baby girl we also plan the baby naming ceremony at a time that works for the family.  Sometimes families have these celebrations at a restaurant with a lot of fanfare; and sometimes they are lovely gatherings in the home of grandparents.  Either way, the joy and the celebration are the same.

We come up with a Hebrew name for your son or daughter and I prepare a souvenir booklet that guests can use to participate in the ceremony and you can save for your child.  Add a baby naming certificate, a challah, and a cup of wine, and we are ready to celebrate!  And if you have a tallis and a kipah, we will use those as well!

The baby naming celebrations are all very special whether the new family is Jewish or an Interfaith family.