HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY moms; grand-moms; stepmoms; dog moms; kitty moms; fish moms; bird moms; hamster moms; veggie moms –

Take the day to celebrate yourselves!  And the ones you love! If you are lucky enough to have your mom, celebrate her. If not, celebrate the person you are and the person she helped to create!

If you are a dog mom, love that dog up!  Let others celebrate you –  let your light shine in the world – do something for someone else.

And to all my brides whose babies I have had the honor to name and welcome into the Jewish community – I send virtual hugs and kisses!  There is no greater honor for a Rabbi than to officiate at your wedding and then name your baby.  Thank you for all these wonderful honors.

Baby namings will still go on even during this pandemic –  You stay home with your baby and we will do this remotely – it will be beautiful and meaningful – Zoom, Webex – whatever works for you –  we can all dress up – and create and make this beautiful and include your family.

Keep living life – keep honoring and celebrating important moments – don’t let this virus kick your butt!  We can zoom right through it.

Miss you all!  Stay safe – stay healthy – stay loving

Rabbi Marsha