Engaged? Planning a Wedding? Remote? Zoom? Outside? They all Work!

Good morning!

I can’t wait to show up to officiate a Jewish/Interfaith wedding outdoors this weekend for the sweetest couple. They had to postpone their big event but their venue is allowing them to use their outdoor space for their wedding.  Perfect, right? They will still have their big ceremony in a a few moths but they chose May 30th and that date means something to them.  Their ketubah is ready to go!  And we will have a beautiful Jewish/Interfaith ceremony and do a ketubah signing ceremony.  It will be an outside wedding rain or shine.  And we will stay 6 feet apart and wear masks.  I just had a seamstress make me a black mask with lace to wear so I will be stylin’. I’ll post photos on instagram this weekend! (RabbiMarshaJane:   insta).

You can plan your wedding.  Outdoor wedding?  You choose.  Virtual wedding?  You decide?  Remote/virtual wedding?  Sure. Zoom?  Webex?  Skype?  They all work to make you a a beautiful virtual wedding.  Pick a place with wifi so you can have a computer set up instead of a phone. A wedding virtually or outdoor is a beautiful  wedding.   Your virtual wedding will be memorable.  So will your outdoor wedding.

You are in love and want to plan your wedding.  Don’t let COVID stop you!~

Outdoor weddings or virtual or  remote weddings – we can do them however you want!

Let me know what you envisioned and together with some creativity and thought. we will make you the wedding of your dreams.  Outdoor weddings – virtual weddings – if you love one another that’s all you need to make this a beautiful and memorable day.

I can’t wait to tell you all about the wedding this weekend.

Stay safe. Stay in love!

Rabbi Marsha Jane