Beautiful Intimate Outdoor Weddings

I officiated at  two beautiful outdoor small intimate wedding ceremonies within the past few weeks.   One was outdoors at a beautiful setting in New York on magnificent grounds. We signed the ketubah and did a beautiful Jewish wedding ceremony. The couple didn’t have their license but went forward because this date was important to them.  They will have another wedding ceremony too!  But this one was so beautiful and so intimate. COVID19 won’t stop love!

The other wedding took place at the backyard of a small restaurant in New Jersey.  We stayed six feet apart and even had a fabulous meal together on beautiful plastic plates.  In all, there were six of us. The feeling was so warm and intimate and other family was included remotely.  There was something even more special because of the intimate nature of these small weddings.

Yes, you planned a large wedding ceremony.  But don’t let COVID-19 interfere with starting your lives together. There are so many beautiful places to get married outside.   We all just need to be a little creative. You will never forget the wedding you have during these times. It will take on a special meaning for you.

So let’s plan. We don’t know whether 2021 will be any different so move forward and together we can create a beautiful and meaningful wedding ceremony.  We can do this in a small beautiful gathering or remotely. Your choice.  I’ll be there!

Stay safe!  Stay in love!

Rabbi Marsha