Backyard Weddings? Zoom Vow Renewals? Wedding in a Cornfield. All wonderful

Since I last wrote my last blog post, I have had the honor to officiate at some small, intimate, outdoor weddings that have been very special.  No, they weren’t the big lavish parties the couples had planned. Some of these couples will still have another ceremony and a party where they can dance next year. But each one of these couples decided that their lives were going to move forward with love.  Covid wasn’t going to stop them. And the smiles on their faces as they turned to each other and kissed for the first time as husband and wife was real and palpable.

I married a couple in a cornfield out of State. What a lovely couple. So sweet.  So special.  And also so much more relaxed to have a small family outdoor wedding.  We realized there was no wine in the kiddish cup so we stopped the ceremony, they went to get it, everyone had a good chuckle, and the wedding continued.

Another couple had their venue cancel; they rented a house and then that went bust. And they found this amazing property in NJ that’s available to rent.  It was spectacular and the money for the rental goes to the CFC Recovery not for profit.  How awesome!

Another couple’s venue didn’t get permission from the town to put up a tent. So they tried friends and family and when that didn’t work, I invited them to get married in my backyard.  So much fun. They built a chuppah and in the morning came to put it up.  My backyard was truly blessed by having them get married here.  And the dog was invited and managed a lick (oops!) of the wedding cake!

This time calls for creative COVID weddings:  backyard weddings; corn fields; properties with horses and a paddock; on the beach; and even the Rabbi’s backyards.

Keep moving forward – start the New Year with a plan for how to make your lives meaningful.  Plan your wedding. Spread love. What makes any wedding beautiful is the two of you.  Rain or shine. Snow or sun.  We can do it!

The best wishes for a new year full of good health, love, and meaning.

Rabbi Marsha Jane