This engaged couple will get married in a beautiful ceremony tomorrow evening surrounded by family and friends.

We had a wonderful time putting a wedding ceremony together that is personalized and meaningful to them.  They will do their own vows as part of the wedding ceremony.

The bride and groom are both Jewish so it will have all of the elements that go into a Jewish wedding ceremony:  they will do seven circles but each will circle the other three times and then they will do one circle together.

We will bless the wine with a kiddish cup from their family.  On top of the chuppah will be the bride’s grandfather’s tallit.  And they will be wrapped as I bless them with the tallit from her bat mitzvah.

Of course they will break a glass at the end of their wedding and all will shout Mazel tov!!!  Let the party begin!

The evening will start with a wedding rehearsal and then the signing of the ketubah.

I can’t wait to be part of their special day as they start their lives together as a beautiful Jewish married couple.