Chag Samaech! – Have a beautiful joyous Passover!

I hope you all have enjoyed a meaningful Seder with family and friends.

At my Seder we brought traditions forward – l’dor v’dor – from one generation to another. We used a tablecloth that was my mother’s; her wine glasses; flowers from my garden which previously came from my sister’s since she can no longer garden; a Haggadah written by my sister and her husband who is recently deceased, and passed on the story of our people’s exodus from Egypt – a journey from slavery to freedom- with the beautiful children who were present. The woman all lit candles and recited the blessings to bring light and love into all of our lives. I hope your lives will always have love and light so that you can bring light into the lives of people you love.

We fastened our seat belts for this journey – because we came out of Egypt – not just our ancestors – it is a story we tell as if we ourselves were slaves and we do this to remember – remember what it feels like not to be free – and to remember we were once strangers in Egypt – Keeping that experiential we are bound to remember those who are still not free and whose plight we shared. Now we are free in this day and our tradition teaches us it is our responsibility to do tikkun olom – to repair the world.

Enjoy this beautiful holiday!