The Story of Passover

Monday evening begins the holiday of Passover. If you are lucky enough to have or go to a seder, you will get to enjoy the rich traditions and foods that symbolize the story of the Jews exodus from Egypt and our journey from slavery to freedom. The seder is a journey (fasten your seat belts) where we start as slaves in Egypt and by the end of the Seder (which means order) – we are a free people.

It is a good time to start a conversation about all those in the world who are not yet free – free from hunger; free from poverty; free from want; from need; from loneliness; from good health; free from religious persecution; from respect; from dignity; and to discuss ways all of the people at your seder can help to bring about more freedom for more people.

No one is free unless all people are free.

Let us work this Passover to commit to do something to help in ways both big and small.

Chag Samaech – A zissen pesach to all!