Wedding in the Age of COVID-19

Hello Brides and Grooms:

We are living in difficult times and you may be deciding when and how to get married while the corona virus looms around us.  If you are want to wait until we know that it is safe for all to come out – and safe for your parents and grandparents, too – that’s great.   I’ll be there for you then, too.

However, if you would like to plan a wedding and get married now, that, too, is possible.  I can officiate the same beautiful, personalized, and meaningful ceremony remotely for you.  You are in love, engaged, and want to start your married lives.  Go for it!

Any of you who has been on a remote call via zoom or web-ex, know that you really feel “in the room” with the people who are on the call with you.  It has an intimacy that a wedding with 200 guests may not have.  It will be the best!!!

I can also officiate your wedding in any number of  outdoor settings in person, six feet apart!  And remotely, you also have many choices, inside or out of doors.

Couples in love have gotten married during war and through other difficult times.  You can too!  Having a remote ceremony may offer even more possibilities.  Don’t let this virus interrupt your plans for your lives.  Love will prevail. It always does.

I can’t wait to make you a beautiful and meaningful wedding ceremony either in person or remotely.

Stay safe. Stay healthy. Stay in love!

Rabbi Marsha