I am getting emails daily from my brides and grooms who are trying to figure out what to do about the weddings planned for this Summer and Fall.   This is probably the most important day of your lives and I suspect you might be feeling a little cheated by the virus looming around us.

But you can still get married and start your lives together.  I will show up for you.  You can still get a ketubah and we can do a beautiful ceremony and you can sign it.  A photographer can still take photos.  We will each use our own pens and stay six feet apart.

And we can make the same beautiful wedding for you – outside.  Or you can use the wedding date you already planned and do a Jewish ceremony if that date is important to you and save your “legal” ceremony for a date in the future.  There are options.

Of course you can can married remotely using Zoom or Webex or any other remote/virtual computer technology and invite all your friends and family!

I am happy to talk to you and help you to create a safe ceremony for these times!  Stay safe.  Stay strong. Stay in love.

Rabbi Marsha