What a beautiful day!

I am so happy I have this way to connect with all of the brides and grooms who are in love and planning to get married. Also happy to connect with people who are thinking about getting engaged and worried what COVID19 means for your plans for a wedding.

This is not the way you thought things would be but it doesn’t mean that your Jewish or Interfaith or civil wedding ceremony can’t be meaningful and beautiful. It can!

There are beautiful outdoor spaces for you to get married. And you can always get a covering (the kind we use for tailgates) so that even with rain your wedding can go off without a hitch. Weather does not have to be an issue.

Your wedding ceremony will be just as they always are – personalized; meaningful; and heartfelt. You can still get a ketubah and have a beautiful ceremony for that too.

I can bring a table that we can use for the ketubah. You can bring your own kiddish cup or I will even bring mine.

You can do a candle lighting ceremony; a sand ceremony; still do your own vows; have readings; and everything else you want to make your wedding perfect for you and celebrate your wedding day just the way you want.

Reach out by phone or email me and we can start planning for your wedding! And by the way, Congratulations!!!
Rabbi Marsha Jane