Loving your Small Intimate Weddings

Every day I get phone calls from my brides and grooms.  And when I don’t get a call, I get an email.  Everyone is figuring out whether or not to go forward with their wedding.  Guidelines change.  People can be inside.  Then outside.   25 people one day – 50 the next.  So confusing and difficult.

Tonight I had fun talking to a couple about where they can get married.  Their present venue won’t allow them to have any dinner or food outside.  Not sure why but that’s what it is. So they’ll have another wedding and reception next year but they still want to get married now.   I suggested some venues with beautiful outdoor areas. And I offered my backyard.  For real!  Why not!  There is truly nothing as a beautiful  small intimate wedding.

I also find Zoom weddings incredibly intimate. Weird, isn’t it. But there you are –  face-to-face with someone and you can talk and have a truly wonderful close human experience – minus the touching, of course.  As long as the couple can kiss… we’re good not touching!!

Here’s my best advice – don’t put off your marriage.  You can put off your celebration but Jewish tradition teaches us that one should never put off a simcha – a joyous occasion. There’s grandma wisdom in that – or mom wisdom – or dad wisdom.  No one knows what tomorrow will be or who will be here tomorrow.  We will all hope that we will be written in the Book of Life come the holidays this Fall.  But no one knows.  So don’t put it off.  Just find a way to add another special day to celebrate this joyous life event.

Sending love to all of you during this difficult time.

Rabbi Marsha Jane