Chanukah – a season of miracles, light, and rededication

Happy Chanukah everyone! Chag Samaech!

Chanukah reminds us of our power to do good in the world. This is always important but even more so during this pandemic in which we are all struggling, some more than others.

On Chanukah, We celebrate the miracle of lights and we put our beautiful menorahs on the windowsill for all the world to see.

When we do this we are adding much needed light into our neighborhoods, our communities, and into the larger world. How you might ask? When we call our neighbors to check in on them, we are bringing light into their lives. When we drop off food at a local food bank, we are bringing light into the lives of others. When we wear a mask and stay socially distant, we are using our light to keep ourselves and others safe from this awful virus.

The story of Chanukah celebrates a military victory by the Maccabees; we celebrate that right triumphed over might. When the Jews came back into their desecrated Temple, they had only enough oil for the ner tamid (the eternal light) to last one night. And as you all know, the oil lasted for eight nights.

Just as the Temple was rededicated, this is a time we can rededicate ourselves to bringing light into the world by acts of loving kindness and helping to rebuild a kind and just world community.

Our candles bring light and love into the world for all to see. We are obligated as Jews to bring more light. So as you light your candles tonight, rededicate yourselves to being the light you want to see in the world.

Spin those dreidels – and eat latkes and sufganiyot – jelly donuts!

Stay safe! We are here for you – for virtual and in person safe wedding ceremonies.

With love and peace,
Rabbi Marsha Jane