Hello everyone!   It’s a new year – feels different to me –  I know that COVID will be on the run soon –  vaccines are coming!

That means you can plan your wedding for 2022 for sure – and spring, summer, and Fall, 2021 will be a whole lot better than last year.

Yes, it’s better if you plan for an outdoor wedding.  So many creative ideas for outdoor weddings.  Some couples have rented a house with a property and had their wedding totally outside.  This allowed for their families to stay in the house for the weekend.

Another couple got married in my backyard this Fall.  That was fun!

And another, in a corn field, yes, literally, a corn field in Maryland!  Their big wedding will hopefully be this year in a beautiful hotel.  But the marriage went on!!!

Another wedding – on the beach where everyone felt safe and the scenery was spectacular – that was in Avalon, NJ.

I went to Brooklyn in August and officiated at a wedding in the backyard of a restaurant with spectacular food.  When the rains came down, we all scurried inside but the doors were left open so we all felt safe. When the sun came out, the ceremony went forward!

Another couple rented a house at the beach for the summer to get out of New York City. They got married in the back yard.  That was also very sweet.

So don’t let your plans to get married hinge on whether or not you can have a wedding indoors.  Jewish, interfaith, same gender, whoever you are – if you are in love and want to get married, make it happen. Do not let COVID put off your plans to move forward with your lives.  That’s my best advice and it comes from Jewish tradition.  We do not let a simcha, a joyous event, stop, even when there is a death in the family.  Life goes on.

If you are a Jewish or interfaith couple wanting to get married and plan a wedding, do it!  Just calls for a little creativity.  You will have memories to last a lifetime -!!!

Stay safe!  Sending love,

Rabbi Marsha Jane