Wedding Reiews and Testimonials

Marlena Z –  2/27/2024

Rabbi Marsha was amazing for our wedding on 2/24/24! For months leading up to our big day, Rabbi Marsha scheduled weekly calls in order to perfect our ceremony & cater it to our specific needs/wants. She was organized, detailed, and great with logistics. On the day of our wedding, Rabbi Marsha arrived early, was prepared, and ran our ceremony smoothly. Our guests are still commenting about how funny and real our ceremony was, and how it truly depicted our relationship. Overall highly recommend hiring Rabbi Marsha!  ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Missi – 12/14/2022

Rabbi Marsha planned and delivered a wedding ceremony that far out did all our dreams. It was beautiful, sentimental, and truly perfect. From start to finish of working together, she made us feel supported and cared for on a personal level that we would have never expected. We are going to cherish all that she did for us forever. We are an inter-faith couple (Jewish & Catholic) however we wanted to have a Jewish wedding. Rabbi Marsha was so respectful throughout every phone call and she explained every part of the ceremony as it was happening so that all of our guests felt included. We have had numerous non-Jewish guests tell us that they want to have Jewish ceremony now because of how personal, romantic, spiritual, humanistic and meaningful Rabbi Marsha made our ceremony. We really feel like she captured our personalities and our love. Additionally, she honored our loved ones who are no longer with us, and gave a shoutout to family who couldn’t travel to be at our wedding but were watching via live stream. It meant so much to us and our families to have those moments incorporated in. Additionally, the Ketubah signing ceremony was special and personal for our loved ones who shared it with us. She exhibited warmth with every phone call and finally meeting her in person was even lovelier. We are so incredibly grateful and could not recommend her enough! 🙂


Thank you for being the one who made our ceremony perfect. It was more than we ever dreamed of. We had numerous guests tell us how special they thought the ceremony was, and people were so appreciative that you explained everything and personalized the ceremony to us. We’ve had numerous non-Jewish individuals tell us they want to be married by a Rabbi because they loved your ceremony and the meaning you brought to everything so much. Thank you for also being prepared with tissues!

We feel so lucky that you officiated our wedding and we are so grateful for all that you did. We’ve attached some of our wedding photos here 🙂

With love,

Josh – on 6/30/2021

I wanted to drop you a note to tell you how much my wife and I enjoyed the service you gave for our daughter Rachel and her husband Paul. All 4 of us spoke after the ceremony and were so pleased with the way it went and the relevance that you were able to provide to all in attendance. Many people at the wedding came up to us after the ceremony and told us how much they enjoyed it, how personal it was, and how they enjoyed the explanation of the relevance of the Ketubah. This made for an intimate ceremony not only for Paul and Rachel, but also for the families and guests. It was heartfelt, uplifting and joyous. Thank you again Rabbi. Be well and stay safe. Shalom, -Josh 🙂

Ally S – married on 10/10/2020

rabbi marsha is the absolute best! From the minute we first spoke to Rabbi Marsha we knew she was the perfect fit. she is warm, inviting, responsive and someone you feel like you’ve known forever. in the months leading up to the wedding, she was always available to answer any questions we had. in addition to that, our plans changed quite a few times with covid. each time, she was happy to accommodate our requests. we are an interfaith couple and she took the time to have a separate meeting with our families to ensure everyone was comfortable with the service and knew exactly what was going on. I was truly looking for someone that took the time to get to know us individually and as a couple, and Rabbi Marsha was exactly that person. when it came to wedding day, the service was absolutely beautiful and incredibly personal. 2 weeks later, we are still hearing great feedback from friends and family about how great the service was. We cannot thank her enough! can’t wait for our next life event that needs a rabbi — we absolutely will be calling her for any and everything! 🙂

Sarah B  – married on 09/12/2020

A Beautiful Interfaith Ceremony with Rabbi Marsha!! My husband is jewish and I’m not really attached to a religion so when my husband said he wanted a rabbi to marry us, I wanted to make sure I found one who was open minded and for me, having a female was important! Rabbi Marsha gave us such a beautiful ceremony! She did a great job of explaining all of the little traditions like the kiddush cup and the 7 circles, so my non-jewish family knew what was going on, and was very open minded about any changes we wanted to make to the typical jewish ceremony! She didn’t put a huge emphasis on God, like we asked, but everything included was so meaningful.. about love, family, spirituality.. All of my catholic family loved our ceremony and were complimenting it all night! Rabbi Marsha herself is an absolute pleasure to work with.. she kept in touch throughout our planning process, even as we switched locations 4 times due to covid, and always brought positivity and humor into our calls which we really needed!! I couldn’t have imagined our day without her!

Jocelyn S – married on 09/06/2020

Rabbi to the rescue! Simply put, Rabbi Marsha was an absolute dream to work with. From the moment we first spoke on the phone, she instilled confidence that we could have the ceremony we always hoped for. With our wedding plans changing last minute due to COVID, we were in need of an experienced interfaith rabbi to co-officiate with a Catholic deacon, who happened to be father of the bride, all for a socially-distant ceremony, quite literally in a cornfield in Maryland – it was a tall order to say the least! Rabbi Marsha absolutely delivered in every way possible. She performed a personalized, beautifully integrated ceremony between the two faiths that we will never forget. Both families absolutely loved her. Her upbeat and positive energy ameliorated any worries we had in the weeks leading up to the wedding, and she was always responsive with communication. You should book Rabbi Marsha with complete confidence and excitement in how memorable your ceremony will be with her present. We cannot recommend her highly enough!

Naomi B –  married on 09/14/2019

Simply amazing! Words cannot truly express how fabulous our September 14th, 2019 wedding ceremony was due in large part to Rabbi Marsha. From the moment, my husband and I met her we knew she was our officiant. She incorporated my Judaism and my husband’s Portuguese heritage throughout the entire ceremony. She made my husband feel included and to me that was paramount. Rabbi Marsha builds each ceremony around the couple and truly wants to get to know you. From the beginning of the ceremony to the end every aspect brought the highest praise from family and friends alike. Guests at our wedding have said our wedding ceremony was one of the best they have ever attended because of Rabbi Marsha! We cannot thank Rabbi Marsha enough for her thoroughness and patience throughout the entire process and making our wedding day a truly once in a lifetime experience. We are truly grateful. Xavier and Naomi

Ronak R –  married on 08/24/2019

Ronak and Justins wedding Rabbi Marsha was amazing to work with and amazing during our wedding weekend. So was so reliable and has also taught us so much that we needed to know. We truly enjoyed working with her and she made our special day so memorable. I would work with Rabbi Marsha again. She was accommodating, dependable, sweet, and truly caring in regards to the people she works with. Thank you Rabbi Marsha for everything. Justin and I truly appreciate you.

Shell –  married on 08/04/2019

Intimate family wedding Rabbi Marsha got to know my husband and I before our wedding despite our living in CA with two phone calls and a questionnaire. She made the ceremony so comfortable, personal, and filled with love. As I was raised Jewish but no longer practice and my husband is not religious, Rabbi Marsha educated us on Jewish wedding practices and included our family. I loved the Ketubah signing and the entire ceremony! I would highly recommend Rabbi Marsha to any couple as I am confident she would cater the ceremony to one’s wishes. 🙂

Evan F –  married on 06/08/2019

A maz ing! Rabbi Marsha is amazing! She got to know us so well and was able to really personalize every part of our ceremony. We had many non-Jewish guests who told us how much they loved that Rabbi Marsha explained the meaning and intent of each part of the ceremony. To borrow a phrase, Rabbi Marsha Jane had us at hello. We laughed so much in our first meeting that it felt like we were old friends. She has so much patience and the ability to stay focused on what matters.

Annemarie R –  married on 06/08/2019

Rabbi Marsha Jane is amazing! When planning our wedding, the choice of officiant was a priority. However, my thought process was that this decision came after the venue, music, and florist. However, contacting and working with Rabbi Marsha Jane became the most critical decision we made for our happy and joyous wedding. Rabbi Marsha Jane will make grown men cry, every guest laugh out loud, and nervous brides comfortable. With a genuine belief in the power of love, Rabbi will compose an exceptional and personalized ceremony. Your groom will have to work hard to make you feel as significant and loved as Rabbi Marsha Jane does on your wedding day. In life, we often make reliable and satisfactory decisions; however, hiring Rabbi Marsha Jane was a great decision that I will forever be grateful. To fully understand the pleasure it was to have Rabbi Marsha Jane as our officiant, I will start with the end. When the wedding pictures arrived, smiles and laughing abounded while under the chuppah. The review includes a few pictures to illustrate. Rabbi even made my mother and mother-in-law laugh; which is not easy. By taking the time to understand us as a couple, through several conversations before the wedding, Rabbi Marsha Jane developed a meaningful Jewish ceremony that was perfect for us. The resulting spectacular ceremony incorporated the fun, playful aspects of Evan and my relationship with the deep, genuine love we have for one another. Overall, this resulted in the creation of a magical day for both of us. Rabbi Marsha Jane interfaced with the venue, florist, and musicians on the day of the wedding, so I did not need to worry about a thing. With style and grace, Rabbi handled Evan’s nerves during the tisch. Somehow she corraled the Moms to sign the marriage license. Also, she was able to accomplish all of this while planning a sweet musical surprise for me during the badeken. After the badeken, Rabbi performed the ketubah signing. Our parents and ketubah signers all agreed on how special she made these last moments before the ceremony. I should insert here a side note, that Rabbi was efficient and timely in responding on the ketubah wording during the ordering process. If you are looking for an officiant that will make your wedding ceremony extraordinary hire Rabbi Marsha Jane. She will personalize each aspect of your ceremony by getting to know you and your beloved and what has brought you to this day. Your ceremony will be fun and lively but will not lose the seriousness of the commitment you are embarking upon. If this is the type of wedding day you would like to create, then Rabbi Marsha Jane is the officiant for you. I cannot give her enough love for being so caring during every stage of our wedding planning.

Trauner –  married on 06/01/2019

Rabbi Jane is selfless, helpful and amazing! I cannot day enough about how AMAZING Rabbi Jane is. I wanted Rabbi Jane to officiate my wedding. However, someone already booked her for our wedding date. Surprisingly, that wasn’t the end of it. Rabbi Jane and I spoke on the phone for a while, got to know each other and she took the time to recommend other Rabbi’s she thought would be a good fit for us. Not only that, she called one of the rabbi’s ahead of time to discuss what we were looking for. We ended up hitting it off with one of the Rabbi’s she recommended and she is now the officiant for our wedding. This story demonstrates how selfless, lovely and helpful Rabbi Jane is. I still wish she could find a way to officiate our wedding!!! Totally recommend her. She’s an amazing person.

Eliza S –  married on 05/10/2019

Amazing Experience! Rabbi Marsha was amazing! She hosted a beautiful ceremony that our friends and family are still raving about! We laughed, we cried – it was perfect. We live in France, but wanted to get married at home in the States and Rabbi Marsha never made us feel like we were too far away. She was there with us from afar through the entire process keeping us calm, excited and organized. We are so thankful she officiated our wedding and we look forward to future family events with Rabbi Marsha as our new found rabbi. We highly recommend!

Azy K –  married on 12/15/2018

Wonderful! Marsha was absolutely wonderful to work with. She created an incredibly personal, thoughtful, intimate ceremony for our interfaith elopement and she really captured both of our beliefs, customs, etc. She brought humor, compassion and warmth. From the beginning she really understood who we are and what we were trying to achieve. We couldn’t be happier with the ceremony we had and are forever grateful to Marsha for creating a wonderfully memorable and meaningful day. Thank you, Marsha!

Jennifer –  married on 09/30/2018

Marsha was absolutely amazing! From the moment we met her we absolutely knew we needed to have her perform our ceremony. During the months leading up to the wedding, she was responsive, welcoming, and receptive. At our ceremony she was absolutely amazing. The ceremony was like a dream. She was well prepared and personalized our wedding by asking questions prior. It was truly something special. I highly recommend Rabbi Marsha Jane.

Chelsea –  married on 09/28/2018

I would highly recommend Marsha to officiate everyone’s wedding! Marsha created a magnetic energy during the ceremony & included special traditions & personal touches which all family & friends loved & still talk about. Marsha has a great ease & calm about her that made us confident & excited during the weeks leading un to the wedding. Thank you Marsha, our wedding was perfect!

Lisa –  married on 09/22/2018

Rabbi Marsha was amazing. My husband is not Jewish and there was no other officiant but she was all we wanted. His whole family was able to understand what was going on in the ceremony and absolutely loved her! So did my family. I would recommend her in a heartbeat.

Stephanie –  married on 08/26/2018

Rabbi Marsha was everything we were looking for and went over and beyond on our special day. She was there early and saw I was having a few issues at the venue that needed to be taken care of and she jumped right in and worked with the staff and told me to just relax. She was able to get everything fixed in time and we could not have asked for a more beautiful ceremony. Our family and friends are still talking about it a week later. Rabbi Marsha made sure she made time to find out about us so that at the ceremony we felt like we had known her for years.

Stephanie – married on 08/25/2018

Rabbi Marsha Jane was the perfect fit for our interfaith wedding. She worked beautifully alongside Father Bob and made our ceremony more than we could’ve ever hoped for. She took the time to get to know us and put her heart into our ceremony. Many of our guests said it was the best interfaith ceremony that have ever witnessed. Thank you Rabbi Marsha!

Jennifer – married on 07/29/2018

Rabbi Marsha Jane is simply the BEST! She did our interfaith wedding and combined our religions perfectly. Rabbi Marsha Jane is warm personable loving and fun! She was very Responsive and Walked us through every step of the way until our wedding day. I would recommend Rabbi Marsha Jane if any couple wants a beautiful personal wedding ceremony.

Jason – married on 04/27/2018

Rabbi Marsha really come through for us after what was a difficult search for an interfaith Rabbi. She did a fantastic job with our ceremony and worked seamlessly with my wife’s childhood priest. She was knowledgeable, responsive, and was very helpful every step of the way with the customization of the ceremony (even some last minute additions!). While we didn’t have a relationship with Rabbi Marsha before this journey, she made an attempt to truly to get to know us and make the wedding day a truly personal experience. We would recommend Rabbi Marsha to any and all couples looking for an interfaith rabbi. She is a life-saver!

Maureen – married on 04/27/2018

Rabbi Marsha performed an interfaith ceremony that celebrated the love we have for each other while honoring the traditions of our families. She was available during the months leading up to the ceremony to discuss traditions, family dynamics, and answer any questions Kevin or I had. We so appreciated her warm, candid personality and would wholeheartedly recommend her services. – Maureen & Kevin Levy

Will · married on 02/03/2018

Rabbi Marsha was everything we were looking for! She was very flexible and worked with us to make the ceremony both match our vision and be meaningful to us. She was always great to talk to and very responsive when we had any questions. We would definitely recommend Rabbi Marsha to anybody else looking for a Rabbi for a special occasion. Sent on 12/18/2017

Mike – married on 10/21/2017

Rabbi Marsha was so wonderful to work with and we are so grateful to have had her as a part of our ceremony. Not only did she take the stress out of the entire planning process by keeping in touch as we approached our wedding date, but she also did a wonderful job of creating a ceremony that was inclusive of both of our faiths. We loved the ceremony and pretty much every guest that attended commented on how excellent the ceremony was. We would highly recommend Rabbi Marsha to any couples that are looking for an officiant to conduct an inter-faith ceremony.

Megan – married on 09/09/2017

Rabbi Marsha Jane was amazing! From the moment we met her we felt very comfortable with her. She has a very friendly demeanor and did our interfaith wedding with humor, love, and grace. She had personal things to say about each of us from her brief time meeting us. All of our friends and family loved her and thought she was family! She helped with all of the ins and outs of the ketubah, and any questions we had. We definitely recommend that she be part of your ceremony. She is truly one of a kind and we are so glad that she was a part of our special day!!

Samantha – married on 07/13/2017

We were looking online for a Rabbi for our wedding who would make the ceremony personal, light hearted, and fun. We couldn’t have found a better Rabbi who did that more than Rabbi Marsha. We only met her once prior to the wedding and spoke a couple of times on the phone, but the way she performed the ceremony was that she’s known us for years. Everyone came up to us after our wedding to say how our ceremony was one of their favorites! Rabbi Marsha was very helpful also in us figuring out what we needed for the wedding ceremony and for our Ketubah. Rabbi Marsha is sweet, professional, and does an amazing personalized ceremony. We couldn’t have asked for a better Rabbi on our wedding day!

Elizabeth – married on 06/17/2017

Rabbi Marsha was wonderful. My husband and I met Marsha a few months before our wedding and she really took the time to get to know us. During our ceremony she was warm and engaging and my guests and family thought she was great. She made the process very easy and all the necessary details to have a nice Jewish ceremony were taken care of. I highly recommend Rabbi Marsha.

Jon – married on 04/22/2017

I was married on 4/22/17 by rabbi Marsha and highly recommend her. She is smart, funny and professional and performed a spectacular ceremony . Her unique blend of humor and passion is evident and I can say with full confidence she is the best!!

Patricia – married on 04/22/2017

We love Rabbi Marsha! She performed our interfaith Jewish/Mexican-Christian dual language wedding ceremony 4/22/17 and she was so wonderful. Our initial meeting she was so warm and excited about our wedding. She took the time to explain all the Jewish traditions and helped us customize our ceremony utilizing whatever aspects we wanted. She was very flexible and eager to help us incorporate aspects of my (Mexican) culture. Throughout the following months she was wonderful with emails, phone calls, and was good about checking in or answering questions whenever we needed. The day of the ceremony she made sure the venue had everything we needed and kept us on time and organized. The actual service was a perfect blend of humor and seriousness. She had us completed questionaires beforehand so she was able to include details about us as a couple which added a very personal touch to the service. Overall she made the day so memorable and wonderful, and we got so many compliments from everyone who attended. I couldn’t have asked for a more perfect day!

Marissa – married on 12/03/2016

I would highly recommend Rabbi Masha Jane. She provided us with such a heart warming ceremony that we will remember forever. She was so accommodating for an inter-faith ceremony on a Saturday evening. We can’t thank her enough for giving us such a wonderful ceremony.

Reuvena – married on 10/16/2016

This was the email I sent the Rabbi after our wedding – I think it says it all: Thank you so much for officiating at our wedding. It was such a great and personal ceremony and we absolutely loved it! Thank you so much for putting all the personal touches in there any helping communicate the love that exists between us to our guests. We can’t thank you enough.

Ashley – married on 09/25/2016

rabbi Marsha Jane is wonderful. my husband and I really enjoyed the ceremony she put together, very attention grabbing. She listened to what we wanted and what we didn’t want, and that’s greatly appreciated. Our guests loved the ceremony too! you have absolutely nothing to worry about, you are in GREAT hands if you book Marsha for your wedding or any occasion!

Cynthia – married on 09/24/2016

Rabbi Marsha did an outstanding job officiating my son’s interfaith wedding. She really made my new daughter-in-law feel so comfortable with all of the Jewish traditions that they wanted to incorporate. All of our guests couldn’t say enough about how warm and personal the ceremony was. Everyone felt they knew a little more about the couple through the stories that she told. Those who were not Jewish commented on how nice it was that she explained all of the traditions so that everyone could understand what was going on. I would highly recommend Rabbi Marsha for a traditional Jewish wedding ceremony or an interfaith wedding. She was a joy to work with and very accommodating.

Michelle – married on 09/04/2016

From start to finish, Rabbi Marsha was an absolute pleasure to work with for our wedding. I am Jewish and my husband is Catholic. We wanted to have an interfaith ceremony, but finding a rabbi and priest willing to do that is almost as challenging as finding true love! Rabbi Marsha was not only supportive and respectful of our decision, but helped us find a wonderful priest to co-officiate the ceremony with. She clearly explained the outline of the ceremony before it occurred and made it extremely personal to us. We found Rabbi Marsha to be a very sweet woman who responded quickly to all our questions by phone our email. She not only gave us practical advice on various aspects of the wedding, but arrived extra early and helped us with unexpected issues with our chuppah. We are so grateful to have had Rabbi Marsha for our wedding ceremony and also have received so many compliments about it from friends and family.

Michael – married on 08/09/2016

Rabbi Marsha came recommended. Long before the end of our wedding I knew why. She was absolutely delightful, energetic, detail oriented and devoted to making our wedding perfect. From the very start Rabbi Marsha was exuberant and spent a great deal of time explaining not only the details of the process but the meaning and significance of each. She set plenty of time aside to talk on the phone and in person to lay out all everything we needed to do and everything she was preparing on our behalf. Working within our limitations was also a key detail as we had to work within a budget, plan most of the wedding long distance, satisfy a guest list of diverse religious backgrounds respectfully, and still make it unique to our own beliefs and goals. Walking us through each step to make sure our ceremony was unique and personal. In the end, on the day of, she wove a beautiful story for us and our guests, encompassing our history, family, friends. She was funny, captivating and earnest. People laughed, people welled up and after an emotional ceremony not a single, most guest made it a point to approach us with praise for our Rabbi, asking where found such a treasure. I cannot recommend Rabbi Marsha enough and I have no doubt she will make your wedding day a pure joy.

Kirsten – married on 07/09/2016

Rabbi Marsha Jane performed the wedding ceremony we always dreamed of. We searched high and low for a Rabbi who was accommodating (Jewish/Catholic ceremony on a Saturday), creative, and who had a delightful sense of humor. She even offered to help us find a deacon or priest to co-officiate in light of my difficulties getting my parish to consider our outdoor ceremony. We could tell Rabbi Marsha was going to write a very meaningful ceremony and we couldn’t have been more pleased with her service. She met with us personally and explained the meaning behind everything. As a Catholic, the Jewish traditions and prayers mean a lot to me, and I was so grateful to Rabbi Marsha that her faith was part of our wedding. She presented reasons for certain traditions but gladly accommodated our preferences when we asked. The ceremony was incredibly creative and personal, and she encouraged us to be involved in its design. She even surprised us by reading a line from The Prayer of St. Francis, because I mentioned it was a prayer that my Dad lived. We never would have asked her to read a non-Jewish prayer but it was very moving to everyone in my family that she did that. People still tell us it was the most beautiful ceremony they have ever seen.

Jennifer – married on 06/04/2016

To say Rabbi Marsha was helpful is an understatement. Even though she was already booked on our wedding day, she tirelessly helped my fiancé and myself for nearly two months look for an interfaith officiant. Even though she could have simply said she was not available and went on her way, never to be heard from again….Rabbi Marsha did the complete opposite. As a Bride who was already stressed to the max, Rabbi Marsha was always checking in to help me, and her delightful humor let me know that eventually it would all work out. Eventually, I did find an officiant and although it isn’t Rabbi Marsha, I am still so incredibly grateful for everything she did to help us along the way of our journey to marriage. If you have the opportunity to speak or work with Rabbi Marsha, you will soon see how lucky you are!

Beth – married on 03/19/2016

Rabbi Marsha Jane worked with us to create a beautiful ceremony. It was so personal! Everyone commented that it felt like she’d known us for years. We enjoyed working with her and will definitely use her again for future life cycle events. We highly recommend Rabbi Marsha Jane.

Mary – married on 11/14/2015

Rabbi Marsha was absolutely wonderful. She took the time to get to know us as a couple, and as people. She personalized our ceremony and did a wonderful job. People are still talking about the ceremony, and its 3 weeks later. I can’t wait to have her apart of future life events!!!

Elana – married on 09/29/2018

Rabbi Marsha Jane was great! She lead a beautiful ceremony for our special day. We received compliments from many of our guests, stating that ours was the best wedding they’ve ever attended and she was a major part of making that happen! Everyone was appreciative of her personal touch and the spirituality she brought to the service. Rabbi was on time, professional, creative and friendly. Thank you Rabbi Marsha!

Stella – married on 12/12/2015

Rabbi Marsha helped to renew wedding vows for my daughter, Michelle and her husband Kenny. He wanted to do something special for their first anniversary and have Michelle renew her vows in her Jewish Faith. Rabbi Marsha worked with him to personalize the vows. Michelle felt like the Rabbi had known her for years instead of just getting information from a questionnaire. Everyone at the party was impressed with the ceremony and with Rabbi’s warmth. I will recommend Rabbi Marsha to anyone who needs to have an interfaith ceremony. They will not be disappointed.

Stephanie – married on 08/06/2016

Rabbi was so awesome! She even recommended a retired priest to coofficiate our ceremony (and when he got lost and didn’t make it to the actual ceremony, she did the whole thing by herself on the fly)! She gave us lots of creative ways to modernize the ceremony and patiently explained all Jewish traditions to my Catholic fiance (now husband). She was always super responsive and we received many compliments on the personalization of the ceremony! She comes highly recommended 🙂

Candice K – married on 10/10/2020

Funny and sassy Rabbi Marsha will tell you like it is; on some occasions she seemed overly sassy or unwilling to listen to questions. Overall she was on time, prepared, and delivered a great ceremony. We hired her for an outdoor wedding during covid. We provided a microphone that she opted not to use the whole time. Unfortunately our videographer could not completely capture the vocalization due to wind and being outside. Most guests said they could hear her and commented it was a beautiful ceremony. She said prayers in Hebrew and English. She supplied a tallit for us since we didn’t have our own.