Wedding scripts for officiants


Do you want a beautiful and meaningful ceremony that reflects your relationship and what this day means for you but don’t want a religious ceremony? Let me write one for you.

For couples planning a religious ceremony, your faith tradition dictates the format and the elements needed to be included in your wedding ceremony. Otherwise, you don’t have a format so you can either just do your vows or you can have something that wows your guests and makes the ceremony as special as the couple you are.

Do you want a unity ceremony? Readings? A special poem? Traditional vows? Word to use when exchanging rings? This is where we begin so I find out what you want and will suggest any number of elements. There are also cultural traditions that you might want to add and we can incorporate these into your ceremony.

The process I use to create a secular wedding ceremony script is that the three of us will talk so I know what you want and then I will help guide you to put a wedding ceremony together that will be right for you.

If you are using a friend as an officiant, in addition to writing your ceremony, I can coach your friend or relative to perform your ceremony so that it is seamless. They also will not be nervous because they will be prepared for everything that occurs during a ceremony that couples don’t need to think about. They will know what to do with bride’s bouquet; how to make sure the train of the dress falls correctly for your pictures; making sure they know to get away during the first kiss so they are not in your pictures; and more details. And they will know how to take care of the license so everything goes perfectly for you.

Do you want to know who toasts? And when? What to do with parents? What are your options? How to do a processional?

Now that you have found the love of your life, let me help you make the wedding ceremony of your dreams.